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Welcome to runwaym!

All posts are locked so you must join in order to see the entries.

Entries include runway shows, backstage, models, trends, and discussion posts


Every Entry:
- LJ cut (text="More")
- 1 runway image before the cut
- Bordered Images

Model Entry:
- Images required: runway, details, backstage, & polaroid.
- Editorials & Covers are allowed, by limited to only 15 images.
- Model info which can be found at The Fashion Model Directory
- Tag your entries (eg. model: anja rubik)

Runway Entry:
- Titles must include the designer, season, year, and whether it's ready to wear or couture (eg. Louis Vuitton Spring 2005 Ready To Wear)
- Include runway and details, but not Backstage - that is seperate
- Tag your entries (eg. runway: louis vuitton, season: spring 2005)

For previous entries, go to the tags not the memories.

Model and Runway ID thread here.

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